Revelations 3:2

Strengthen What Remains.


Hallowed Ground

Traveling has never been a top priority of mine but somehow I've seen most of the United States and a couple of other countries. It's always impressed me that wherever you go seems to have a unique feel to it. Some places are inspiring and uplifting. Others leave you with the feeling of relief when you leave. This sense that we get about certain localities is certainly not just something born out of our own preferences. People from different backgrounds and ethnic groups sense the same thing. It's not an easy thing to define, but maybe its roots are in a realm that we cannot reach with our physical senses. The bible speaks of Gods blessing on the land as well as land that is cursed by the foul things that are done there. Is it possible that this feeling that we get about a certain place has a lot to do with its history? The Israelites were given a covenant by God that they would be brought into a land that would be blessed. As long as they obeyed God and kept his commandments He would continue to bless them in that land. They didn't always keep their end of the bargain and calamity overtook them. But God would bring them back and give them another chance. Today we are witnessing a very significant time in human history. Though there has always been a ramnant of Jewish people living in the Holy Land, Israel has once again become the nation that God promised to Abraham. This is God at work. It was written in the bible long ago that this time would come and that the nations of the world would focus on this tiny country. These are incredible times...
Deuteronomy 28:8 The Lord will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to. The Lord your God will bless you in the land he is giving you. I hope you have a chance to experience it.